Dumpster rental are very useful to Detroit residents and businesses that wish to get rid of a large quantity of junk that has accumulated over the years, either in their house, flat, yard or at their company.

How to choose your dumpster rental

Work in your house, moving, maintenance of the garden: bulky items and waste can quickly accumulate and invade your personal space. Dumpster rental companies are at your service with 10yd, 20yd, 30yd or 40yd dumpsters. We can guide you in choosing the best container based on the volume, mass and nature of your waste.

Choose the 10yd for small quantities

The volume and the weight are determining criteria in the selection of the container most adapted to your situation, whether it is the maintenance of a small garden or the complete renovation of your interior.

The 10yd dumpster is practical for your small jobs and adapted to the restricted storage spaces. See what you can put in this container. Once filled, it support a load of up to 1500 kg.

Select the appropriate bucket according to volume and weight.

Are you renovating a room in your house? Do you want to trim the trees and hedges in your garden? The 20yd dumpster is then certainly the most suitable container. Open on the top, it is easy to load. It measures 5.80 meters long by 2.50 meters wide by 90 cm high and can hold a payload of 10 tonnes maximum.

Your work concerns several rooms of your interior? Do you get rid of large bulky items? Opt for the 30yd, longer (6.40 meters) and twice as high as its little sister (1.70 meters). Its payload is also 10 tonnes. Note that this dumpster receives only green, recyclable and bulky waste. Discover our full range of skips here.

Be sure to use one container for each type of waste.

Bulky, green, recyclable or mixed: whatever waste you want to dispose of, it is essential to group it by category.

Also make sure that they are authorized in the category in question. For example, organic waste, soil, sand and fertilizers are not accepted in green waste. To find out more, check our tipper page by searching by type of waste.

Finally, make sure to fill the skip evenly and without overflowing. Doors must be able to close properly for collection. If you use a skip for the evacuation of your waste, also take care not to exceed the maximum weight of 10 tonnes! Beyond this weight, your bucket cannot be collected as it is.

Why choose the 40yd and tipper offer?

Thanks to waste management companies, it has never been easier to get rid of all kinds of waste. No need to go to the recycling center!

The trick is played in 4 small stages:

  1. You order your grab or Big Bag online in a few clicks
  2. A bucket is delivered to you the next day and you fill it at your own pace
  3. The container is collected by our teams on the date you have chosen
  4. The waste is evacuated, treated and recovered in specialized channels

Contact us now to order your container!